How To Use Ice-Type Pokemons Weakness Chart To Win

ice-type weakness

Ice-type Pokemon is one of the most favorite Pokemon types among the players. This pokemon type is well known for its ability to withdraw the low temperatures and adapt to the cold temperature. Also, their control and habits may vary from place to places like caves, icy caves, mountains, peaks, and even poles. So, do you like to know more in-depth about its attack and defense to succeed in your war? Here is the weakness chart of ice-type pokemon, make use of it to win in your battle.

Ice-type Pokemon

Many ice-type pokemon movements are used to freeze the opponent or what it targets. This is to protect it from attacks that may provide severe damage to its physics and abilities. Also, here are some of the best ice-type trainers for your knowledge: Lorelei – a member of the Kanto Elite Four, Pryce – the seventh gym leader in Mahogany town, Candice – the seventh gym leader of Sinnoh snow point, Glacia – a member of Hoenn Elite Four, Brycen – former gym leader of Unova, and Wulfric – the last gym leader of Kalos.

Further, the most impenetrable of Ice-type Pokemon is Articuno. This has a special HP and a good defense level to deal with the opponents. But, the Ice-type carry a lot of weaknesses and a bit hard to deal with the other type of pokemons that are stronger than Ice-type. 

So, to win your raid, you should go be familiar with its weaknesses. If you don’t remember it’s weakness, then we could help you with it.

Ice-type Weakness Chart

Strength of Ice-type Pokemon

  • Ice-type Pokemons has a super effective attack against Flying, Grass, Rock, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Incredibly, these pokemon types are opponents of Ice-type.

Weakness of Ice-type Pokemon

  • Ice-type Pokemon attacks are not quite effective against the Water, Steel, Fire, and Ice-type Pokemon.
  • The attacks of the Ice-type Pokemons are weak against Rock, Fighting, Steel, and Fire-type Pokemon.
  • Also, the Ice-type Pokemons are not immune to any of the Pokemon types in Pokemon go.

Attacks of Ice-type Pokemon

  • Ice-type Pokemon is super effective against Ground, Dragon, Grass, and Flying-type.
  • Ice-type Pokemon is not effective against Water, Steel, Ice, and Fire-type.

Defense of Ice-type Pokemon

  • Ice-type Pokemon are not very effective against Ice-type.
  • Ice-type Pokemon is super effective against Fighting, Steel, Rock, and Fire.


Every player loves to win their game. Probably, you must be the one among them. Hence, if you are battling with Ice-type Pokemon, then you should make use of the ice-type weakness to win your match.


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