Best Xbox Games for Couples – Why not play with your partner

Best Xbox Games for Couples

The evolution of technology has made it possible to play online multiplayer games, but no one can deny that there’s always something so special in sitting down in front of the TV with a friend or family member or your valentine and playing together to take on a horde of flesh-eating zombies or doing some superhero kind of stuff or any other adventure. So today we gonna see about the best Xbox games for Couples.

Isn’t it fun to play multiplayer games side-by-side with a friend, sharing a console and a couch???… yes, right!!! But now, in the age of the online multiplayer game, the couch co-op is still thriving. It will be even more special if you gonna share your console with your Valentine. It quite different, and cool. So all you need to do is, for a change, forget the flowers and chocolates – Select one of the Xbox game for this February and enjoy your valentines day. As a valentine day special, you can install kodi on Xbox one directly and watch all the movies for free.

Best Xbox Games for Couples

So now the confusion is about which game to be selected???… To help you in this case… we are here… we will suggest you some of the best games that you must try with your partner in crime.


Cuphead has taken a place in the 2018’s top list titles, because of its challenging side-scrolling gameplay and endearing 1930’s art style. StudioMDHR’s 1930 animation inspired run-and-fun Cuphead is notoriously brutal in its difficulty. You will get a barrage of projectiles and tricky platforming challenges that lead to repeated deaths in each and every stage, and with boss stages, you will feel almost impossible at times.

The game is also built with local cooperative play in mind, so it will allow you and your friend to commandeer Cuphead and Mugman on tag team adventure in a fantasy world. Although the game is really difficult, repeated attempts at each stage are extremely rewarding as upgrades, thereby allowing you and your partner in crime to select different powers and upgrade paths, mixing and matching your skills and attacks. Cuphead is one of the perfect co-op and couple game to put your partner’s skill level in test.

2. Neon Chrome

This game is not for all and is quite a tough roguelike game, here you and your partner will be allowed to select a character and battle your way crossing many floors in order to defeat the Overseer. But to that again, only this time everything is a little bit harder.

As said already, Neon Chrome is not for faint-hearted people, as it is already a pretty brutal single-player experience, even if you have collected and decent power-ups. Having a partner will multiply your damage outputs, there are plenty of lives to go around. However, you need to be wrangler amongst yourself about who gets the next upgrade.


So what you are waiting for, install the games and start playing it with your valentine. We have mentioned you with two different genres of games and are the Best Xbox Games for Couples. The first one is for all. But the second one is really for tough guys, as it needs some real fighting skills. If your valentine suits for it then it will be great. If you have any doubts, comment below for clarification.

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