List of best Kodi repositories

Kodi Repositories are also known as Repo’s are the containers for Addons which are essential for Kodi. Installing a Kodi Repository is a best way as we compared to install individual Addons. When we install the addon through the repository, the Addons are automatically updated when a new version is available. The Kodi Repositories should come in the form of ZIP files.

The Ares Repo, Smash Repo, Colossus Repo are some of the popular Kodi repositories that went down completely in the year 2017. Many of the Kodi users are highly disappointed due to the famous Kodi Addons are stopped working. Later, various new repositories are coming up. In this article, we will see the list of best working Kodi Repositories. You can visit for getting more kodi repositories.

List of best Kodi repositories

  1. Maverick Repository
  2. Juggernaut Repository
  3. Looking Glass Repository
  4. Blamo Repository
  5. Supremacy Repository
  6. Jesus Box Repository
  7. Redhood Repository
  8. Superrepo Repository
  9. Addon Repository

Maverick Repository

Maverick Repo is one of the Older Repository yet it is working fine. It comes with a lot of New and interesting Kodi Addons. Some of the latest and popular Kodi Addons are Maverick Addon, SportsDevil, At the Filx KodiAddon, Skynet Addon and lots more.

Juggernaut Repository

Juggernaut Kodi Repository is one of the Latest and Best Kodi Repositories that is working well. It has a lot of new Kodi Addons such as Juggernaut Kodi Addon, Emerge Addon, Roger Addon, Mystique Kodi Addon and Chappa’ai Kodi Addon and much more.

Looking Glass Repository

Looking Glass Repo is one of the latest Kodi Repositories. It is one of the best Ares Alternative as it has some features as Maintenance of Kodi, Backup of Kodi Player and various Addons and Looking Glass Wizard and lots more.

Blamo Repository

This repo is more famous and it contains a lot of New and Latest Kodi Addons such as Neptune Rising and Placenta Kodi Addon and more.

Supremacy Repository

Supremacy Repository does not contain may Kodi Addons like other Best Kodi Repositories but it contains the Famous Supremacy Kodi Addon and other Addons for Program, Audio and Maintenance and more.

Jesus Box Repository

Genesis Addon is one of the best Kodi addons that captured the Hearts of Kodi users. Unexpectedly, the Addon went down for maintenance and then after months, came the Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon. It is available in Jesus Box Repository and also contains a lot of useful addons.

Redhood Repository

Redhood Repo is also one of the Best Kodi Repos and it contains a lot of famous Kodi Addons such as Prometheus Kodi Addon and more.

Superrepo Repository

Super Repo is yet another great Kodi Repository that is the Home for Thousands of Kodi Addons. SuperRepo Consists of Different Categories such as Kodi Music Addons, Video Addons, Program Addons, Animation Addons, Picture Addons, Skins, Subtitles, Audio, Screensavers, Weather Addons, Comics, Comedy, Gaming, Food, Downloads, Documents, Kids Addons, News, Radio, Technology, Trailers, and other Language Addons such as French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polishand more and more. Addon Repository

TV Addons Repo were down in the middle for a long period of time but they are now back with their new Repo and they are available under There are a lot of Famous Kodi Addons available under this repositories.

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