10 Free WordPress Themes Of January

People who have used WordPress know that it is one of the most awesome platforms available to bloggers. However, it is up to the user to make the page as attractive as they can by personalizing the looks. Selecting a theme is a neat way to make your blog look unique. You can select themes from WordPress’s own collection, or you can make your choice from one of the several websites offering a variety of lovely free themes.

If you have a blog that specializes in certain types of posts, such as a photography blog, or a poetry blog, or an architecture blog, or a cookery blog, then you will probably be able to find some theme or the other that will suit your blog’s atmosphere perfectly. A theme can be either attractive in it self, with the use of bright, beautiful colors, lovely background walls and images, and interesting fonts, or it can be minimalistic, and instead of drawing attention to itself, it keeps the focus on the content of the blog.

Here, we bring you ten free WordPress themes that we liked the best, that were released in the month of January, 2012.

1. Free WordPress Theme – NatureBlog

If you write about nature, or if you have a blog about natural photography, or if you just want to add a bit of fresh natural touch to your blog, this is a good theme for you. With its background of a bright sky covered with puffy white clouds, sunflowers and bees, this theme does not leave any scope for darkness. You can put up a featured post slideshow right up on the top.

2.Free WordPress Theme – Pilcrow

This one is a part of WordPress’s own collection. With its stark white background and its banner of thick old books, this theme looks wonderfully learned and esoteric. If you are writing book reviews, or if your blog is about the love of reading, or if you just want to add an old world feel to your blog, this will be a very appropriate theme for you to choose. The simple background ensures that whatever photograph or font color you use will look nice.

3.Free WordPress Theme – Fashion Plus

Fashion Plus from themepix is a riot of beautiful colors. With a blue ochre background, feathers in hues of magenta, blue, green and white, and two models about to break into a ramp walk right on top, this theme is a deliciously feminine one. If your blog is about shopping, fashion, clothes, or just general girly chatter, this could be a very chic theme for you. The featured video and slideshow options can be used to display your latest favorites in clothes and shoes.

4.Free WordPress Theme – Vivid Orange

Like its name suggests, this theme is a vivid orange, guaranteed to wake your readers up and grab their attention. On tasteful background that switches gradually from yellow ochre to olive green, the banner has a succulent orange rose in understated lighting, that seems to spill its color on to the rest of the banner. While this is a good theme for any sort of blog that focuses on content, we think it will be particularly successful on poetry blogs. If you plan to put up pictures on your blog, just make sure they go with the sober air of this theme.

5. Free WordPress Theme – Movie Review

The Movie Review theme lives up to its name by offering an awesome background for movie review blogs. With its stylish black wall streaked with cinema reels. and its picture of a cityscape under seige on top, this blog is dramatic enough for not just movie review blogs, but any discussion forums on movies, and in fact any urban topic that makes up your blog. Be sure to make use of the picture slideshow at the top, with your favourite stills from epic movies.

6. Free WordPress Theme – Architekt

The Architekt WordPress Theme is a brilliant way to showcase your architecture portfolio. Large icons guide visitors to your blog to whichever image they want to see. The theme itself is a soothing white that draws attention to your content rather than taking attention away from it. Its nature of display allows it to be made use of not only in architecture blogs but also blogs in which you want to showcase your art, craft, or photography. The viewing format can also be changed easily, from a large icon pattern to a grid pattern, as well as to other options.

7. Free WordPress Theme – Mobile Blog

This theme is so beautifully streamlined that it will catch your visitors’ eyes and have them coming back for more. The wall is a light steel grey, and the top portion has two mobile phones in mirror images with various features like music and messaging pouring out of them in cute little colorful icons. This theme is ideal for blogs that report and review technology and/ or electronics. The featured video option can be turned off if you don’t need it, or it can be used to display attractive images relevant to your blog’s concept. All in all, a very eye-catching theme.

8. Free WordPress Theme – Minimatica

The Minimatica theme is a great theme for photographers and artists. The text is muted and quiet, and does not take any attention away from the pictures which are supposed to be the focus of the posts. The most amazing part of this theme is the photo flipper on the top. You can upload up to four photographs on the photo flipper and they will all be partially visible on the front screen. When you drag your picture upon one of the partially displayed pictures, it expands to take up the entire flipper screen, and the other three pictures are relegated to the background. This is a great way to showcase your photographs if you are a photographer.

9. Free WordPress Theme – Yoko

Yoko is a really cool and helpful responsive blog theme. With a very neat and minimalistic layout, it comes with a fresh and dewey picture of some leaves. If you don’t like them or if you have something better in mind that you feel will go with your blog’s content better, feel free to change it. This theme has a baby grey background and bright blue font color, and it supports Google web fonts. The Social link widgets for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus make this a totally convenient responsive blog theme. However, note that the responsive layout will not work with Internet Explorer browser.

10. Free WordPress Theme – Antic home

Antic Homes is a very cozy theme for your blog, especially if you write about interior decorations and/ or home solutions. The wallpaper pattern background and the fade-out image of a wooden house and garden gives your blog a very living room atmosphere. This is the dream theme for decorators and home making blogs.

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